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About Us
Why MPA Mold flow Gold Certified Consulting ?
Why should you consider running a Mold flow CAE Simulation on a new or existing injection molded product? There is only one answer:
Reduce development time, Save money and make Your Life Easier
“MPA has the experience and depth of knowledge of the Mold flow system to competently help our customers turn more plastic into profit.“
Mold flow Gold Certified Consulting Partner
MPA has attained Mold flow Gold Certification, ensuring our customers receive the highest level of technical expertise. This prestigious award has only been gained by a handful of companies Worldwide and confirms MPA commitment to excellence in the field of CAE analysis.
The Mold flow Certified Consulting Partners Program covers three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The program designed to provide the plastics industry with access to the highest quality advice. Each Consulting Partner must commit significant personal time and resources to attending training courses and successfully pass rigorous certification exams; while demonstrating a high degree of competency in injection molding.
MPA specialty is the Mold flow simulation of the plastic injection molding process. In order to help their customer’s turn more plastic into profit and focus exclusively on identifying potential problems and areas where material or cycle time savings can be made.
Introducing for our member:

MPA Mold flow have 12 members for our team, as follow for the detailed introduce:

Cathy Wu- Senior Mold flow Engineer, Mold flow directly training leaguer, member of the book "Mold flow success case technical compilation " writer and have engaged in Mold flow analysis 12 years, she is excellent at the consumer electronics, medical devices and packing, he ever had worked at the Forson, and Flextronics.

Loe zhou- Senior Mold flow Engineer, speciality macromolecule materials, Mold flow Professional Certificate and Mold design, Unigraphics engineer and have engaged Mold flow analysis for 12 years, he is excellent at the flow balance for the multi-cavity and scientific injection molding, he ever had worked at the Forson, ACE mold and TK mold.

Phoehe He– Mold flow Engineer, and have engaged Mold flow analysis for 10 years, he is excellent at the automotive and practical injection experience, he ever had worked in Sino ( Maxuni ).

There have more than six Mold flow Engineers and an injection molding expert.

Mold flow Capability

Mold flow Simulation is our core business, optimizing part and tool design using the full suite of Mold flow CAE software is what we do.Our success is built on providing excellent services to businesses who need to produce parts correctly the first time and require the most efficient molding process for lean profitable manufacture.
Our Mold flow plastics consulting business has a primary focus on the injection molding industry and specialise in Manufacturing
Simulation, Material Selection, Product Design & Development
MPA provides exceptional customer service giving high priority to every project. We update the customer with project progress by email complimented with online meetings using Webex. We can show the customer all results, including fill pattern animations, in real time. Good communication links promotes discussion focusing on optimizing the design and ultimately shortening project lead times by hours if not days.
Mold flow plastics simulation technology has been around since the early 1990’s and has been well proven over time to aid designers and manufacturers of injection molded products remove potential problems before the mould tool arrives on the production floor.
MPA has grown with the technology and has provided production / design advice on more than 10000 moulds since 1990 worth millions of Dollars.
Mold flow simulation is compatible with most injection moulding applications, including standard single cavity, multi or family moulds,2K - Over-mould and hot or cold runner feed systems. Mold flow is also up to date with advances in hot runners both conventional and sequential valve gates or new Dynamic Feed technology.