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Plastics Analysis Solutions for Automotive Applications
MPA have analyzed hundreds of automotive mouldings over the years including exterior fascias, interior door, luggage, instrument panels and mouldings for under bonnet applications.
Automotive production techniques are often at the forefront of technological development and MPA has been active in aiding the development of many advanced systems.
Bumper systems
Polypropylene bumper systems are a good case in point, over the last 10 to 15 years moving from painted . multi feed tools to large film gates and now sequential feed hot runner systems .
Interior Panels
The use of sequential injection has also seen a reduction in the requirement to paint
and now the addition of complex integral detail such as speaker grilles and air bag doors is
 common place. Some interior panels now incorporate thick feel gas injected door pockets
and thin speaker grille sections eliminating the need for several mouldings.
Under Body Mouldings
Large Under Body mouldings are normally produced as thin as possible, resulting in high pressure and clamp force. Sophisticated feed systems and smart wall thickness profiles are used to reduce pressure and clamp force to achieve the most economical production.