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Mold flow CAE Plastics Simulation & Analysis
MPA 's simulation tool kit includes Mold flow MPi - 3D mould filling, cooling, holding phase, gas injection, fiber fill, part warpage and shrinkage analysis. A plastic flow simulation highlights most quality problems including: - high fill pressure, short shots, weld lines, gas traps, high gate shear, sink marks, poor cooling, long cycle times and distortion.
Analysis Capability
Filling & Packing Analysis
Gate Location Analysis
Molding Window Analysis
Cooling Analysis
Warpage Analysis
Runner Balancing Analysis
Multi-cavity melt flipper
Over molding Analysis
Fiber Flow Analysis
Shrinkage Analysis
Process Optimization
Design of Experiments
Autodesk Mold flow Structural Alliance
Injection-Compression Molding
Co-Injection Molding
Gas-Assisted Injection Molding
MuCell Injection Molding
Birefringence Prediction